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Our passion is to assist and guide children, youths and adults in such a manner that? they take their place in society back as healthy, moral and contributing adults.



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Latest News

  • Addiction

    We thank the NLC who subsidised Auksano for the purchase of our premises.  This was done and finalised during January 2017.  Unfortunately we still have an outstanding bond on the premises.  However, having our own place ensures that we do not need to move again. ......

  • Destructive Sub-cultures/Trauma

    666 Gangs and Charlie Charlie The Gangs The recent violent actions of the destructive 666 gangs in schools in the bigger Mangaung area have caused serious upheaval in the school system which culminated in the violence on Thursday, 23 September 2015. As more school children......


    Human trafficking are getting closer to home every day. Each parents biggest fear is his child being abducted, and even worse, for the purpose of trafficing.  Please be aware and vigilant to keep your children safe....

  • The individual as part of a Family

    The family is the moral fibre of society. Auksano often work with an individual, either a child or a parent, of a family but ensures that the family as a unit is sound. An individual operates within the boundaries of the family and influences the......

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