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Our Passion

The passion behind Auksano’s very existence and the basis for all we do and undertake is the desire to assist and guide people, especially youths, in such a manner that they take their place in society as good, upstanding and contributing adults, no matter what they were involved in or are ignorant about. The rippling effect of this approach is astounding in families and the community and ensures sound, healthy and contributing families, which acts as the back bone of a moral society.

Our Staff

A founding member, Director and Functional Therapist.

Johan de Beer


Functional Therapist and member of the Operational Team

Corne van Zyl

Functional Therapist

Our friendly receptionist and assistant with various administrative tasks.

Onica Mothobi


A founder member, Pastoral Therapist and Chartered Marketer.

Barbara de Beer

Deputy Director

Counsellor and member of the Operational Team

Smit Bindeman


Child Play Therapist, Child Forensic Evaluations and
Head of Addiction Programme

Adelle du Plessis

Social Worker

Assist in reception as Admin. Clerk in training.

Anna Lesiea

Admin. Clerk

Addiction Division Councellor



Responsible for gardens, pool and handyman.





Social Worker
Our Values and Ethics

We act according to a strict ethical code, renders professional services and activities, keep all clients’ information confidential and serve our clients holistically and via a multi-professional team. We deliver evidence based therapies as well as effective, practical interventions and use outcome measures to monitor performance and effectiveness. We incorporate and maintain Christian values and ethics in all our decisions and activities, treat all human beings with dignity and without discrimination and we value our staff and volunteers.

Brief History

Auksano was founded in 1995 and registered with the Department of Social Development in 1999. Three of the four founding members are still part of Auksano with two of them still serving on the Management Board, indicating the commitment and passion of all persons involved with Auksano.

Auksano’s founding was due to a need in society for specialists who could handle and assist victims of destructive subcultures. Although the initial focus was destructive occult involvement, the mission expanded over time.

A serious need for assistance of substance abuse emerged. This need also involved social assistance and counselling of the family of the involved youth. ?Prevention will always be better than cure and will therefore definitely be part of any of our substance programmes.

Auksano’s physical premises include facilities for counselling, training, group sessions, play therapy and administrative tasks.

Auksano currently incorporates three divisions, namely:

  • Trauma and Destructive Sub-culture Division
  • Addiction Division
  • ITR ?(recently added)

2007 – Free State Premiers Excellence Awards for Best NGO in the Free State: (bronze award)
2008 – Free States Premiers Excellence Awards for Best NGO in the Free State: (silver award)
2012 – Received a Letter of Recommendation from the Department of Education of?the Free Sate for outstanding assistance and involvement in the?development of a blue print for Safety and Security in Free State Schools.

Forums and Comittees
  • Member of the Free State’s Department of Education’s School Safety and Security Forum.
  • Chair of the Heidedal Local Drug Action Committee.
  • Member of the Free State Drug Action Committee.
  • Registered service supplier of the Free State Department of Education.

Functional Therapist.

Johan de Beer


Functional Therapist and Marketer

Mariaan Maartens


Attorney and Director at Phatsoane Henney, Bloemfontein

John Mophete


Engineer and Entrepreneur.

John Muller


Financial Advisor, Absa

Bert van de Venter


Manager of Netcare Hospital, Heidedal

Sydney Masalla


Therapist and Chartered Marketer.

Barbara de Beer

Legal Profile

As an ethical, professional organisation, Auksano is managed strictly in line with all legal requirements and registered with the following entities:

  • The Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation, Registration No: 007-141 NPO.
  • SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation, Registration No: 930002616.
  • Article 18A Organisation, Registration No: MM/055/09/06.

We are futher a registered service provider of the Department of Education in the Free State, a School Safety and Security Forum member and assisted the Dep[artment of Education and the SAP to develop a framework for handling the current 666 gang problem and bullying. We further chair the Heidedal Substance Forum and sit on the Free State Substance Forum.


BBBEE Status

Only 4.5% of all clients can pay for services as they are from very poor homes. Auksano’s beneficiaries are from all walks of life and are from cities, towns, townships and rural areas.

  • Black

  • Coloured

  • White


  • Adults

  • Children