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Destructive Sub-cultures/Trauma


08 Dec Destructive Sub-cultures/Trauma

666 Gangs and Charlie Charlie

The Gangs

The recent violent actions of the destructive 666 gangs in schools in the bigger Mangaung area have caused serious upheaval in the school system which culminated in the violence on Thursday, 23 September 2015. As more school children are joining but are also forced to join harmful 666 gangs such as the BTK’s (Born to Kill), parents and youths are getting tired of the intimidation and fear they and their children live in. This caused the parents and older youth to retaliate as parents try to protect their children. The result was death of a learner, a BTK member, at the hands of other gang members, the death of an older man and a community worker ending up in hospital. As Auksano is a registered service provider of the Department of Education and serve on the School Safety and Security Forum, Auksano is inundated with requests for assistance from gang members who want to “get out safely” from a gang, from parents, teachers and social workers. These gangs are violent, involved in crime and often force youths to become a member, some as young as 12 years old.

“Charlie Charlie”

A new game, “Charlie Charlie” ?hit South Africa and Mangaung schools with devastating consequences. This game is widely played and especially in class and on school grounds.

The game made its appearance during April 2015 on internet with the hatchtag i.e “#CharlieCharlieChallenge” and spread like wildefire under the youth. This game originated in Mexico and Spain where it was played and also called?Juego de la Lapicera (game of the pens).

Since then, large numbers of worried parents and teachers contacted Auksano regarding instances where the playing of the game resulted in strange behaviour of the children. The youngest child was four years old when the parents contacted Auksano for assistance and advice.

A soft spirited child suddenly became aggressive and in counselling said that she cannot control it. This behaviour started after she played Charlie-Charlie with her friends in a class. ?In another school Auksan-therapists had to debrief an entire class after they started seeing weired figures after playing the game. ?Some of the learners said that they saw “things without heads” walking around. ?Another learner is still absent from school as she became disorientated. ?This happened directly after playing the game. ?She mentioned to her friends that she is experiencing serious headache. ?Other children told our therapists that a “voice in their ears” urge them to continue playing when they want to stop.

Various schools from Kroonstad, Welkom, Bethlehem, Reddersburg and Kestell contacted the Auksano offices regarding Charlie-Charlie and requested talks, information and requires assistance with debriefing of learners.


The number of reports and requests for assistance, even prior to media coverage, indicates that there is more to ?the game than on face value and that it is not just an innocent game.

Teachers and parents are also advised to request assistance from knowledgeable professionals as more harm can be done with incorrect counselling of the affected child.

Auksano is a registered service provider of the Department of Education of the Free State and serve on the School Safety and Security Forum.












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