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Auksano has over the years often dealt with human trafficking.  This aspect rocketed out of control with the start of the 666 gangs.  Youth are often abducted or forced to join the gangs, leave their homes and are held captive in gang “homes”.

Girls as young as 12 are “chubbed” and made available to all gang members to be used as their “sex object”

Auksano are working closely with other organisations in order to curb this trend and especially the human trafficking aspect.

Gangs are also dealing in human body parts and ITR plays a key role in assisting Auksano with this aspect, especially in terms of investigation and gathering of intel.

ITR Security also assist Auksano with handling their 24 hour emergency service from their control room.

ITR was therefore born from the need to assist Auksano in cases of children disappearing, dangerous situations when rendering assistance to 666 gang members as well as substance abuse and trafficking.  They also supply the necessary protection and assistance to Auksano counsellors who need to go into dangerous zones.

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      • Service 1 – Unique, professional and excellent quality
        Security Systems for homes and businesses.
      • Service 2 – Tactical response.
      • Service 3 – Recover your loved one…
      • Service 3 – Private Investigations.
      • Service 4 – Accompany of persons, counsellors and social
        workers to dangerous or unsure locations,
        especially after hours.
      • Service 5 – Nanny cameras for homes.
      • Service 6 – Security system for computers – Know what
        sites your teenager/child visits.

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