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How to partner with us… 

 You can partner with us by offering your professional services pro-bono, volunteer to be a facilitator or by donating financially.    Other partnerships can be by praying with and by spreading awareness of our services.

Find an area where you can assist  as we would love to partner with you.






Donate single amounts as and when you can by depositing into our accouint or sign a debit order for a monthly donation.   Your donation is our life-line and secure services to our beneficiaries.  Without you we cannot do it.

Debit order form

Volunteers assist with us with our youth services.  You can choose from the following:

  • Wired 4 Life Camp Facilitator  –  oversees activities and workshops as well as maintain discipline.
  • Wired 4 Life Clubs – be trained as presenter of our Wired 4 Life programme which focus on life skills and substance prevention.  Present this programme on a weekly basis at a Wired 4 Life club.
  • Assist with Wired 4 Life inter-club days.
  • Assist with  Wired 4 Life community/school outreaches.
  • Assist with Substance Prevention and Intervention programmes.
  • Assist with Substance Out-patient activities.
  • Assist with transport of beneficiaries.
  • Be trained as a volunteer and assist a destructive sub-culture rehabilitee.
  • Offer your assistance with upkeep of our premises.

Pro-Bono Services: 

We need your professional assistance pro-bono for our programmes and clients  if you are a …

  • Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Other

Please offer your services and help rebuild a life.

Any organisation can do with constant Christian prayer coverage.  Join our prayer group or think of us and our beneficiaries during your quiet time.

You can help us………… by talking about us.

Tell people about your assitance by Auksano and make people aware of our existence as well as what we do.  This raise awareness of Auksano’s beneficiaries’ plight and help with fund raising.