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How our Program Works

This division developed from the need to assist youth en persons exposed to or involved in destructive sub-cultures due to the serious trauma they experienced and was the initial division of Auksano. Destructive sub-culture involvement affects  relationships with self, God and others.   It therefore affects the involved’s family, friends, work and/or studies. All these aspects need attention.  An entire life and family needs to be rebuilt and longterm assistance is therefore required via a multi-professional team.

Services we provide

The Trauma/Destructive Subculture Division handles all aspects in terms of children, youths and families.  Lives are rebuilt via counselling, life coaching and social welfare services in cases of  …..

  • Families
  • Children
  • Youths
  • 666 Gang Members
  • Destructive Sub-Culture Involved Persons or Persons exposed to

The mentioned is handled via packaged programmes and activities such as ….

  • Prevention/Advocacy talks
  • Training of professionals, parents and youth workers
  • Seminars on Destructive Subcultures and/or 666 gangs
  • Children’s evaluation via play therapy
  • Life Skills Camps for Youth
  • Holistic assistance of the Involved or Exposed

Councelling takes place in a controlled environment at Auksano’s premises but many of the services are taken to the communities.  Talks and training are at schools, the UFS, the Department of Education, churches, community halls and various other. Each case is handled holistically and for the individual include mind, body and soul but as this individual forms part of a greater group i.e. the family and the community, both of these aspects must be assisted to complete the process.

More Questions?

Question:  What is Life Coaching?

“It is the sorting of a person’s life clutter into neat stacks while teaching budgeting, parenting and marriage skills pared with emotional intelligence development.”

Question:  What is Destructive-Subcultures?

“It is the involvement in or exposure to a group or activity such as the occult which is causing trauma, depression, severing of relationships, deterioration of self-grooming, dropping out from work, school or studies and generally being destructive to the self.

Question:  How can I help?

“Go to the home page and select “Partner”.  Here you will find all the options.

Question: Auksano has always assisted persons involved with substances  and addiction.  Do you still do this?

“Yes, we do but this falls under the Substance Division.  Again you will find this division’s tab on our home page.  The Addiction Division section provides full details of all our addiction programmes and assistance.”

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